American flight makes PDX emergency landing

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By Michael Rollins,

PORTLAND — American Airlines flight 2040 from PDX to Dallas-Fort Worth returned to Portland shortly after takeoff with an engine compressor problem.

The flight departed about 6 a.m. and safely landed about 6:25 a.m., surrounded by Port of Portland crash trucks, said Port spokesman Steve Johnson.

The MD 80 sat on the tarmac for a bit, then taxied to the terminal under its own power.

The airline reported that 135 people were on board. There were no injuries.

Full story, including video can be found, here.

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Beverage Carts Can Hurt

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The average fully loaded beverage cart or in flight drink cart weighs at least 300 pounds. When a beverage cart impacts your knee or shoulder, it can do serious damage.  Airline passengers suffer knee injuries, foot injuries and shoulder and arm injuries when they are struck by the beverage cart as it cruises by. It is the duty of any flight attendant to ensure that the aisle is free of feet, shoulders and knees before pushing the cart through.

A common defense to a passenger’s claim that the beverage cart injured them is denial. An airline may deny that the incident ever occurred. If you are injured by a beverage cart make sure to get the name of the passenger seated next to you, you might need them as a witness to simply state that the event actually happened.

At our firm we routinely handle beverage cart versus knee, arm, shoulder and foot injuries. It is not unusual for passengers to undergo arthroscopic surgery after their knee has been hit by a beverage cart on an airplane. Because an airline owes its passengers the highest duty of care, an airline should compensate its passengers after hitting passengers. 

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Ornge helicopters have safety issues, Opposition says

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Ornge helicopters have safety issues, Opposition says (Canada)

Ontario’s Opposition says pilots, paramedics and patients should all be worried about the safety of helicopters used by Ornge, the province’s air ambulance system.
Progressive Conservative transport critic Frank Klees says the 12 Augusta Westland helicopters Ontario purchased for $144 million have problems with tail rotors falling off.
The European Aviation Safety Agency issued an air worthiness directive for the AW139 helicopters last month, advising owners to greatly increase inspections and rotor replacements.
Klees, a former transport minister, says he wouldn’t ride in an Ornge helicopter, even in an emergency, and would find another way to get to hospital.
Health Minister Deb Matthews was unaware of the air worthiness directive concerning the Ornge air ambulance helicopters, but said patient safety was a top priority for the new board of directors.
The government has called in police to investigate various for-profit companies set up by Ornge and fired the previous board of directors and founder Dr. Chris Mazza, who was making $1.4 million a year.
The New Democrats say the government has nothing but excuses for the problems with the helicopters and financial irregularities at Ornge, and call the situation very disturbing.

Full story, here.


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