By, Lee Ferrera, Airnation.net

Delta Flight 5972, operating as Shuttle America, took off from Charleston at 2:30 PM with 63 passengers aboard when a flock of birds hit the right-hand engine at about 3,000 feet.

Pilots immediately returned the Embraer 170 plane for a safe landing. No one was injured.

The aircraft was taken out of service for inspection.

Full Story, here.

Airnation.net has reported several bird strikes over the past few weeks:

On July 24, 2012 Southwest Airlines Flight 2501 encountered a bird strike on during approach at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP).  Flight 2501 originated from Chicago Midway Airport (MDW).  Story found, here.

We also reported via AirNation.net a bird strike on United Airlines Flight 1475 on approach to Denver International Airport causing a hole in the nose of the aircraft.  Story and pictures, here.

The Federal Aviation Administration Accident and Incident Preliminary Information also advises of a bird strike on American Airlines Flight 1777 on approach to Orlando International Airport on August 10, 2012 (notice date is August 13, 2012).  Airnation story, here.  The FAA keeps preliminary accident and incident data available on it’s website for 10 days. 

Thankfully no injuries have been reported, however, the airplanes have sustained various degrees of damage such as puncture to the fuselage, wing damage, loss of engine power, damage to the engine, etc.

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