Reprinted from NBCLosAngeles.com.  By Willian Avila and Joe Studley.

A small plane crashed in a California neighborhood on Sunday, exploding in flames within feet of homes and killing the pilot, officials said.

There were no injuries on the ground or damage to nearby homes, Riverside police said.

“The pilot of a single-engine Beechcraft BE35 reported a loss of engine power before crashing in a residential neighborhood about a half-mile east of Riverside Municipal Airport,” Federal Aviation Administration officials told NBC4.

The pilot, who was the only person on board, had made a request to land at the airport, but in another transmission said he was not going to make it, police said.

The aircraft crash landed in the 400 block of Adams Street, hit the curb, crashed into a home’s chain-link fence and burst into flames, police said.

“(There was) a boom – it actually, literally shook the ground,” said witness Christina Barriento.

Butch Romero, another witness, says he swerved his car to miss the plane as it came down.

“When I jerked it, the plane landed like that and bounced into those people’s yard,” he said.

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