Sometimes a client writes a thank you which makes my day. Let me share what our recent former client Linda provided to us just today.

“Unfortunately, the summer of 2013 has already recorded a number of airplane accidents that have killed individuals, most unfortunately, or injured them. I am one of those persons who was injured on an airplane in 2012. Alisa Brodkowitz came to my rescue in my hour of great distress. It only took six (6) months for her to vigorously represent me and obtain my compensation. I found her quite by coincidence, I might add. After my accident, I Googled “Injured on an airplane” and found her. Immediately she went the large U.S. based airline a forceful letter of introduction, laying out what happened, and what they MUST DO and what they had better NO DO! I obtained medical treatment while Alisa went to work. I recommend the Brodkowitz Law Firm to anyone who has been injured on an airplane, whether it was in flight or not; whether the airplane crashed or not.  Alisa approached my case as if it was her ONLY case. When there was an offer, she called to discuss it immediately. Her ethics are high, and she is a class act. She treated me with respect and dignity and was supportive for the duration of this horrible ordeal. You will be pleased to choose Alisa, for she is professionally awesome and her assistant Jessica, is amazing. ”

Representing injured travelers is so rewarding.