Inspection Failures Lead to Smoke on Jet Airways Flight

Author: Kayla Nilson  |  Category: emergency landing, Fumes

A Jet Airways plane departing from Bengaluru had began its ascent when a master caution warning went off at 4,500 feet. The flight crew inspected the issue, and all systems seemed to be running properly, and they continued on toward their destination.

The aircraft had then reached 6,000 feet, when one of the crew members reported smoke inside of the passenger cabin. Wet tissues were distributed to the passengers and the protective breathing system had to be implemented. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing where three passengers sustained minor injuries during the evacuation.

Upon further investigation, it has come to light that while regular inspections of the plane occurred, checks of the power turbine blades were being missed. This has been listed as the probably cause of the smoke. The Director General of Civil Aviation has classified this as a “serious incident”.

If you were injured on a flight, remember to seek appropriate medical care first, and to keep good records of your interactions with medical providers.

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