Investigating the Link Between Toxic Cabin Air and Long Term Health Effects

Author: Kayla Nilson  |  Category: Fumes, Safety

The Aerotoxic Association is asking the International Criminal Court in The Hauge to hear evidence for and against the premise that the “bleed air”, used to pressurize passenger aircraft cabins, has been contaminated with chemicals that are hazardous to the health of the passengers, crew, and pilots.┬áDespite mounting evidence linking the exposure of toxic air on aircrafts to acute and chronic ill health since the Fifties, the UK Government has not taken any action to protect passengers and aircrews.

Airlines and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) deny a link between contaminated cabin air and aerotoxic syndrome, a condition that has lead to deaths of several pilots. The CAA claims that these “fume events” are rare incidents and that there is no evidence showing negative long-term health effects.

The Aerotoxic Association asks that the 2,500 victims they’ve been in contact with, share their experiences with the International Criminal Court.

If you were injured on a flight, remember to seek appropriate medical care first, and to keep good records of your interactions with medical providers.

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