by, The Associated Press via CNBC,

HONOLULU — A US Airways flight from Maui to Phoenix diverted to Honolulu after crew members noticed a problem with one of the plane’s pressurization and air conditioning kits.

US Airways Group spokesman Todd Lehmacher said the redeye flight was less than halfway to Phoenix when its crew decided to be cautious and turn the plane around. It landed in Honolulu early Tuesday without incident. Nobody was hurt.

Lehmacher said the Boeing 757 had two kits, and one was malfunctioning.

Lehmacher says about half the plane’s 166 passengers will depart Tuesday night, while the other half were rebooked on other airlines.

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Additional information can be found at The Aviation Herald:

A US Airways Boeing 757-200, registration N909AW performing flight US-31 from Kahului,HI to Phoenix,AZ (USA) with 166 passengers, stopped the climb out of Kahului at FL290 and continued towards Phoenix until about 700nm (1.5 hours at speeds over ground in excess of 500 knots due to tailwinds) into the flight when the crew decided to return to Hawaii and to divert to Honolulu (speeds over ground at or less than 400 knots due to headwinds), where the aircraft landed safely about 3.5 hours after departure.

The airline reported the crew returned to Hawaii as a precaution when one of the two air conditioning packs in control of cabin pressure and air condition malfunctioned.

The incident aircraft positioned to Phoenix the following day as flight US-9206 and resumed service afterwards.

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