Plane Crash Which Killed Two Had Engine Intentionally Shut Off

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The Piper PA-30 which crashed in Haines, Alaska, and killed two had its engine intentionally shut off during flight by the pilot.

The pilot, David Kunat, had shut down the engine in an effort to demonstrate how to restart it during flight. The engine, however, could not be restarted.

Tom Faverty peers into the wreckage of a Piper Comanche that crashed on the shore south of Haines on Saturday, May 27. As the tide came in, Faverty, wife Patricia, son Kirby, friend Steve Dice and tour guide Wiley Betz struggled to keep the plane afloat and crash survivor Chan Valentine, trapped inside the wreckage, above water. (Photo courtesy Patricia Faverty)

The NTSB claims, “about 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot intentionally shut down the right engine and was demonstrating how to restart the engine during flight. Despite several attempts, the engine would not rotate through with electrical power to start the engine.” The NTSB believes a degraded battery may explain the failure to start.

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