Reprinted from krem.com. By Molly Trotter, Kaitlin Loukides, and Tony Black.

An Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Spokane made an emergency landing after passengers said smoke filled the cabin.

Spokane Airport Marketing and Public Affairs Director Todd Woodard said the Q-400 aircraft had 80 passengers on board as well as a crew. It was able to land safely at 8:15 a.m. Woodard said all passengers were evacuated onto the runway as a precaution by the flight crew. Parking shuttle vans took the passengers to the Alaska terminal.

Plane makes emergency landing at Spokane Airport

“The smoke got thicker and thicker and I could hear her get on the phone and say to the pilots, ‘smoke in the cabin, we need to make an emergency landing,” said passenger Kevin Aaker.

Passenger Bill Johnson told KREM 2 News over the phone that the last 20 minutes of the flight the aircraft was filled with thick smoke. Johnson said the flight attendants did a great job of providing wet towels and keeping everyone calm.

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