Via Simon Hradecky, The Aviation Herald

A Shuttle America Embraer ERJ-170 on behalf of United, registration N648RW performing flight S5-3448/UA-3448 from Newark,NJ to Kansas City,MO (USA) with 72 people on board, was on approach to Kansas City’s runway 19L when upon contacting tower the crew requested delay vectors to run some checklists. A few minutes later the crew reported they had a weight on wheel system failure and needed to run further checklists. Another few minutes later the crew declared emergency they had a steering failure together with other system faults including the weight on wheel system failure, which probably caused all the other faults preventing the aircraft from detecting to be on the ground. The crew requested runway 19R but was advised the runway was closed and not available. The aircraft subsequently positioned for another approach to runway 19L and touched down with the nose wheel turned 90 degrees sideways. The crew stopped on the runway, no injuries occurred, the passengers disembarked via stairs onto the runway.

Both main runways of Kansas City Airport (01/19) were closed as result of the occurrence, runway 09 remained open and available for traffic.

The FAA reported the aircraft landed with the nose wheels turned sideways and received minor damage.


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