Small plane crashes near Hernando

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By Chip Washington, WLBT

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) – One person was injured in a plane crash early Wednesday afternoon near Hernando.

Emergency officials said the small, single engine aircraft went down in a field near Green Village Road.  The pilot, Roger Brown, 66, suffered a broken ankle and head injuries in the crash, but was expected to be ok.

Officials said Brown’s aircraft had a mechanical problem shortly after takeoff from the Hernando Village Airpark.  As Brown attempted to circle back to the runway, he lost control and crashed.

Airpark manager Paul Cassell, who heard the crash, said his immidiate priority was to look after the victim.

“The only thing is to secure the airplane so that there’s no fire, and look after the person,” he said.  “The rest of the facts will find themselves over time.”

Brown was airlifted to The Med, where he is expected to recover.

As is standard procedure, the FAA will investigate the incident to determine exactly what happened.

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