By, Kenneth Holland, Airnation.net

A United Airlines Boeing 737 jet struck a bird on approach to Denver International Airport this morning punching a hole in its nose.

United Boeing 737-900 radome damage

United Airlines flight 1475, a Boeing 737-900 aircraft, took off from Dallas Ft. Worth International (DFW) at 8:38 AM CDT and landed at Denver at 9:09 AM CDT, where it was escorted to the gate at Concourse B.

There were 151 passengers on board but there were no injuries.

A spokesman said the bird residue recovered from the aircraft will be sent to Washington to be analyzed by experts from the Smithsonian, who will help identify the bird.

The bird strike happened about 25 miles outside of DIA’s property.

Full story, here.

Preliminary Accident and Incident Data can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration website, here, for ten days.  To find information on events beyond the 10 business days provided, please go to the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB).

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