Reprinted from the By Ollie Gillman.

Terrified passengers had to jump off a plane’s wings during an emergency landing in Arizona after the aircraft’s cabin filled with smoke.

United Airlines flight 6517 had just taken off from Tucson International Airport on Sunday morning when a strong chemical odor and thick smoke swept through the plane.

People on board the Los Angeles-bound plane noticed something was wrong almost immediately after the plane left the ground and parents were forced to cover babies’ faces with blankets because of the acrid fumes.

Passengers described chaotic scenes as people rushed to the exits of the Bombardier CRJ plane after landing, with some forced to jump off its wings as they ran to safety.

Tiffany Lizares told KGUN9-TV that she initially thought the man sitting in front of her was smoking before realizing the fumes were coming from the plane.

‘We could smell a strong chemical burning odor,’ she said. ‘I was too concerned with my daughter that I had put a blanket over her head because for a newborn the smell was just too strong.

Fellow passenger Jessica Scott described the cabin as ‘completely filled with smoke’ before people started screaming that there was a fire on board.

The flight, which was operated by SkyWest Airlines, took off shortly after 6am on Sunday but was back on the tarmac less than 30 minutes later.

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