United flight near Honolulu experiences turbulence, 7 injured

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Original story by Simon Hradecky on The Aviation Herald.

A United Boeing 767-400, registration N59053 performing flight UA-15 from Newark,NJ to Honolulu,HI (USA) with 230 passengers and 11 crew, was descending towards Honolulu when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to 6 cabin crew and a passenger. The aircraft continued to Honolulu for a safe landing. 4 cabin crew and the passenger were taken to a hospital, the other 2 cabin crew declined hospital care.

Haiwaii’s Department of Transport reported there were 7 injuries, 6 cabin crew and a teenage girl amongst the passengers, the girl receiving head injuries, when the aircraft encountered sudden turbulence enroute to Honolulu.

At the time of arrival a storm system was battering the Hawaiian Islands.

On Feb 17th 2015 the FAA reported one flight attendant received serious injuries, 3 flight attendants received minor injuries and a passenger received injuries of unknown degree when the aircraft ancountered turbulence on descent towards Honolulu.


Find the entire story on the AVHerald here.

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