Reprinted from By Daryl Lindsey and Larry D. Curtis.

At least two people are dead after a small plane crash in Cedar Fort that happened Monday morning.

According to Sgt. Spencer Cannon with Utah County Sheriff’s Office, a small twin-engine jet crashed into a field near Cedar Fort around 10 a.m. Cannon said there were believed to be two people on board, although police are working to determine if there were others on the plane. Officials said both occupants appeared to have died during the crash.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom and seeing an airplane on fire and coming apart, falling to the ground.

Officials said the debris field was spread over an area about a mile long and a quarter mile wide. Investigators are conducting a search of the area to locate any items from the plane or other evidence that might be related to the crash.

Police have determined who owned the plane but have not positively identified the deceased occupants. Because of that, they have not been able to identify family members of the victims before releasing their identities to the media and public.

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