Reprinted from abc7news.com. By Vic Lee.

A small plane made an emergency landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport this afternoon and the four people on board are uninjured, an airport spokeswoman said.

The four people on board that small plane are very lucky. It could have ended so much worse, had it not been for the pilot’s skillful handling of a collapsed landing gear.

The plane is an Italian made Piaggio P-180 Twin Turbo Prop. The pilot called the tower at around noon, shortly after he took off.
“They did fly over a few times to burn down some of the fuel, as well as have the tower do a visual inspection to see if the landing gear was down,” said Mineta San Jose Aiport spokesperson Vicki Day.
The plane is registered to a company called Monolithic Power Systems in South San Jose. They declined to comment.
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