With the increase of baggage fees and number of savvy fliers, overhead bins in commercial aircraft are being used at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately for some travelers, this increase may mean serious injury.

According to one estimate, over 4,500 passengers per year are struck by baggage falling from overhead bins. There are many potential causes of falling baggage including: improper stowage by the flight attendant, flight attendants failing to secure overhead bins before takeoff,  and failing latch mechanisms.

Falling baggage can cause serious injury to passengers. A 1998 study showed that out of 426 falling occurrences, 67 resulted in bruising and 53 resulted in lacerations. The most serious injury caused by this type of accident is minimal traumatic brain injury (MTBI). MTBI causes long term morbidity and dysfunction in a large percentage of patients.

At Brodkowitz Law, we represent airline passengers who are injured due to airline negligence. If an airline fails to provide reasonable care, causing injury to a passenger, we step in to hold the airline accountable to ensure the passenger or passengers are compensated. If you have been injured due to a falling bag while flying commercially, please visit our website or contact our firm for a free consultation.

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