via Simon Hradecky, The Aviation Herald

A Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration N372DA performing flight DL-385 from Minneapolis,MN to Madison,WI (USA) with 60 passengers and 6 crew, landed on Madison’s runway 18 at 15:58L (21:58Z). During roll out the crew reported braking action good and was instructed to vacate the runway via taxiway A6 to A and to report when clear of the runway. The crew subsequently radioed “I think you need to send the trucks out” and required assistance stating “we could not stop at the end of the runway by A6 and we exited the prepared surface just at the end of the runway to the right towards A6” and “it appears we are all the way off the runway into the snow covered Pampa”. The next arrival on short final, about 2nm from touch down, was instructed to go around, the runway and airport was closed while emergency services responded.

The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs and were bused to the terminal.

The airport was closed for about 90 minutes.

Full story, here.

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