Original story via Simon Hradecky, The Aviation Herald

An Expressjet Embraer ERJ-145 on behalf of United, registration N11187 performing flight EV-4578/UA-4578 from Birmingham, AL to Denver, CO (USA), was enroute at FL360 about 120nm southeast of Springfield, MO (USA) when the crew initiated an emergency descent to 10,000 feet (average rate of descent 4300 fpm) due to the loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft diverted to Springfield for a safe landing about 27 minutes later. Three people were treated at the airport for nose and sinus problems.

The airport confirmed the aircraft diverted to Springfield due to cabin pressure problems, passengers and crew needed to be treated at the airport for symptoms for depressurization including nose and sinus problems.

A replacement Embraer ERJ-145 reached Denver as flight EV-578T with a delay of 3:45 hours.


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