Reprinted from RadioKenai.net.  By Katie Quinn

The families of the victims of a 2013 plane crash in Soldotna have filed multiple lawsuits against virtually everyone involved.

Lyla Rediske, the sister of the 42-year-old pilot Walter Rediske, blames Bear Mountain Lodge for incorrectly reporting the weight of people and groceries on board the Rediske Air charter flight which crashed July 7, 2013. She specifically names two employees in the wrongful death and negligence suit: Merrill McGahan and Lauri Johnson.

Rediske is also suing companies which built or installed certain pieces of the De Haviland DHC-3 Otter.

Relatives of the Antonakos and McManus families, who also died during the crash, filed suit against the same defendants. A second suit was then filed against Walter Rediske. They say the pilot was at least partially responsible for the crash. The suit claims Rediske failed to ensure everything was fully in order before takeoff.

The National Transportation Safety Board has suggested the weight distribution on the plane caused it to stall just 11 seconds after takeoff. They say the plane was probably slightly overloaded and unbalanced, but they’re yet to reach an official conclusion.

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