Reprinted from dailymail.co.uk. By John Hutchinson.

An investigation has been launched after an Alaska Airlines pilot accidentally landed on a taxiway instead of the runway. The alarming incident took place at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport involving a Boeing 737 that had set out from Chicago O’Hare.

Luckily there were no other aircraft or vehicles parked on the taxiway and all the passengers were safely taken to the terminal on December 19.

However, in light of it being the fourth time such an incident has happened at the airport, Alaska Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are investigating the incident.

he taxiway runs parallel to the airport’s three other runways, with the Boeing receiving clearance to land at the centre runway.

Speaking to King5.com, aviation security expert Dr Todd Curtis said: ‘This is not a new problem at Sea-Tac. There have been cases going back to the 1990s of aircraft inadvertently landing on what’s called “taxiway tango”.

‘So although this was a dangerous condition, a condition that should be avoided, it’s something that can be learned from.’

However, after a third runway was built, and the fact that the markings on the runways are different, there is yet to be any movement on this.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration told MailOnline Travel: ‘Alaska Airlines flight 27, a Boeing 737 from Chicago to Seattle, was cleared to land on a runway but landed on an adjacent taxiway around 8:30 am Pacific Time on December 19.

‘There were no vehicles or aircraft on the taxiway at the time. The FAA is investigating.’

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