Published by khsltv.com;

A Seattle couple walks away from a small plane crash at Chico Municipal Airport Tuesday night.

The couple was flying from Seattle to Arizona, and was planning on making an overnight stop in Chico to refuel.   

Around 5:30 the wife, who was piloting the Beachcraft single engine plane, attempted to land on the 1-3 left runway at the Chico Airport. 

Division Chief at the City of Chico Fire Department Steve Simpson says, “She was coming in, they suddenly lost power right when they were at the north end of the airport. Right when they got over the fence into the airport property, the plane stalled. It yalled to its right, the wing hit the ground, twisted around and landed nose down.”  

They landed in a rocky area about 200 feet north of the runway.    

The plane is a total loss.    

The male passenger had minor cuts on his wrist and forehead.    

Chico Police are launching a full investigation, while the Chico Fire Department is sending the crash information to the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate.