By KOMO News Staff and Associated Press, via KOMOnews.com


PASCO, Wash. – A Seattle-bound Delta Air Lines jetliner made an emergency landing Monday night at Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco after a heat sensor went off in the jet’s cargo hold, warning the pilot to land.

No injuries were reported, and all 183 passengers aboard Delta Airlines Flight 2329 are safe.

The Boeing 757 originally took off from Atlanta and was supposed to touch down in Seattle at about 11 p.m. Monday. Instead they were were held up at the Pasco airport after the emergency landing.

Another aircraft was dispatched to continue to the flight, arriving at Sea-Tac Airport at about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

An investigation determined there was no real fire aboard the airliner, but officials want to know what went wrong.

“Everybody was really calm. The crew did a great job. No drama. We landed safe,” said Ron Foraker, a passenger aboard the plane.

A Delta spokesperson said the pilot “followed established procedures” in making the emergency landing after observing the temperature indication light.

“Safety is always Delta’s top priority,” said the spokesperson, Morgan Durrant.

Full story with video report and more photographs, here.

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