By Simon Hradecky

Published by The Aviation Herald

An Emirates Airlines Airbus A330-200, flight EK-775 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Durban (South Africa) with 220 passengers, was enroute at around 13:30Z about 2 hours prior to estimated landing in Durban, when the airplane encountered severe turbulence. A doctor on board provided first aid to the injured on board. The airplane continued to Durban for a safe landing. 8 passengers were brought to a local hospital, 12 more were treated at the airport for minor injuries, all other passengers were offered trauma counselling.Passengers reported, that trolleys, bags, passengers and flight attendants were flying through the cabin hitting the ceiling and overhead lockers. Panels got broken, wires were hanging down from the ceiling, seats and armrests were broken. The initial upset, during which the airplane seemed to plunge, lasted for about 10 seconds, the turbulence continued for a couple of minutes.

The hospital reported, three people received spinal injuries, one received a broken hand, the other 4 received minor injuries. All eight could be released from hospital already.

The aircraft was able to depart for the return flight with a delay of 4 hours (total ground time 6 hours).


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