A Boeing 777 encountered severe turbulence today, injuring at least 25 passengers. The flight departed Washington Dulles Airport and was bound for Los Angeles International Airport. The turbulence encounter took place over Kansas, according to a Reuters report. Also according to Reuters a United Spokeswoman stated that there “were storms in the area.”

It appears that there were multiple international travelers among the 225 passengers on the wide body aircraft. The flight was a codeshare with Air China International 8728, Lufthansa 9360, Air New Zealand 9127, Austrian 7867, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Thai Airways International. Travelers who were flying internationally (regardless of connections) and were injured in the turbulence may be able to recover under an international treaty known as the Montreal Convention. The Montreal Convention allows international travelers wide leeway in deciding where to bring a lawsuit. It may be that international travelers injured on United Airlines Flight 967 can bring a lawsuit in the United States.

According to the National Weather Service, Kansas has been experiencing severe weather.As an investigation into the turbulence event proceeds, investigators will examine what data United Airlines had accumulated, regarding the weather. This includes forecasts, SIGMETS (warnings of severe weather from the National Weather Service), and PIREPS (warnings from other pilots in the area). Given the severe storms in Kansas it will be important to discern weather the airline should have and could have avoided flying through the area.


  (CA) Air China International 8728
  (CO) Continental Airlines 6085
  (LH) Lufthansa 9360
  (NZ) Air New Zealand 9127
  (OS) Austrian 7867
  (SK) SAS – Scandinavian Airlines 8751
  (TG) Thai Airways International 5515
  (US) US Airways 6831