Posted from Simon Hradecky, via The Aviation Herald

A United Boeing 747-400, registration N117UA performing flight UA-900 from London Heathrow, EN (UK) to San Francisco, CA (USA) with 374 passengers and 19 crew, was climbing out of Heathrow’s runway 27R when the crew stopped the climb at FL100 and descended the aircraft to FL080 due to the cabin not properly pressurizing. The aircraft dumped fuel and returned to London for a safe landing on runway 27L about 2 hours after departure.

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At Brodkowitz Law, we represent airline passengers who are injured due to airline negligence.  Every year airline passengers are injured when flying commercially.  When an aircraft does not pressurize normally passengers suffer ruptured eardrums and loss of hearing. When airstairs or other boarding devices are not used safely by an airline passengers suffer fall injuries. Sometimes equipment within an aircraft breaks, injuring passengers. Turbulence injuries are another common occurrence.  Many of these injuries are preventable.

When an airline fails to reasonably care causing injury to a passenger, we step in to help hold the airline accountable to ensure the passenger or passengers are compensated. If you have been injured while flying commercially please contact us.