Based on reports from Yahoo News

As previously reported a US Airways plane made an emergency landing in Rome after passengers and crew members became ill during the flight.

Flight US 797 departed Tel Aviv, Israel for Philadelphia, PA, USA but instead landed at the Fiumicino airport in the Italian capital after passengers and crew became ill.

Several reports indicate the crew and passengers were experiencing symptoms of nausea, vomiting and red eyes.

“While in flight, an unusual odor was detected by several flight attendants and they began to feel ill,” US Airways said in a statement, according to Yahoo News.  Yahoo also reported that “US Airways said the affected passengers and crew were checked by airport medical personnel before being taken to the G.B. Grassi Lido di Ostia hospital near Rome. They have since been released.”

“The aircraft is being evaluated by our maintenance team to determine what may have caused the odor,” the company added.

A malfunction in the Airbus A330’s ventilation system could be to blame, reports said.

You can see the full story via Yahoo News, here.

Bleed Air Contamination: Sometimes people describe contaminated bleed air as smelling like “dirty socks” or “bad cheese” or a “gym locker room.” Sometimes this injurious air does not smell at all. Some have described a metallic taste that they experience during a “fume event.” Others may have trouble breathing.

If you are experiencing health effects following exposure to noxious fumes on an aircraft, contact a doctor right away and provide them with a copy of this Medical Protocol for exposure to aircraft bleed air contaminants.

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