Original story via detroit.cbslocal.com

ROMULUS (WWJ) — U.S. Airways Flight 2088 was landing around 8:45 p.m. Monday evening when the A-320 Airbus blew two tires.

Flight 2088 originated in Atlanta, then went to Charlotte, before coming to Detroit. Detroit Metro Airport spokesman Mike Conway said that the plane had 150 people onboard.

“The US Airways A-320 landed on runway 21-Right and blew a couple of tires, basically disintegrated the tires” Conway said. “The aircraft cannot taxi to the gate.”

No one on board the aircraft was injured and the passengers and crew are being taken to the terminal by shuttle buses.

“The airport authority made arrangements for buses to go out to the aircraft and we have, at this point, unloaded all the passengers onto these buses,” Conway said. “We’ve taken them over to gate D-17 at the North Terminal.”

At least two Delta flights were diverted to Cleveland when the incident occurred.

“We have an aircraft that’s disabled on one of our runways — actually an intersection of a runway and a taxiway,” Conway said. “There’s a lot of tire debris out there, so all of that’s going to have to be cleaned up and the runway will need to be inspected for damage before we can reopen it.”

WWJ was tipped earlier that emergency vehicles had surrounded an unknown plane on the tarmac.

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